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Achieve relaxation that helps maintain inner peace and a positive self-image. Yoga contributes to better physical, mental and emotional health. Some practitioners seek the spiritual benefits. Others seek the relaxation and stress relief it brings. Others practice it for specific health benefits. The choice is yours. Book online today by using the button on the right.


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Our highly experienced instructors provide personal attention to every student in class, ensuring the yoga practice is performed safely and correctly to enhance results for body, mind and soul. We look forward to guiding you through your journey.   Please visit our Teachers Site.

Yoga was traditionally taught one-on-one so that a teacher could help a student address her or his unique challenges. Today this practice may not be practical or realistic, however, whether you are new to yoga or already have a practice, our Yoga Concierge, Silvia can help guide you to meet your personal, mental and physical health goals by helping you create a program of yoga and wellness services that is right for you.


Our Yoga Center

At our Yoga Center we strive to provide an accepting, warm and welcoming atmosphere. We will guide you gently through your practice allowing opportunity to learn and to grow. Come and experience the multitude of benefits that yoga can provide. Better posture, improved balance, muscular strength and endurance, greater lung capacity and mental clarity are some of the changes you may see in your body. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can bend in. Let your instructor know of any physical limitations. You will be asked to fill out a health release form on your first visit, please allow a few extra minutes for this. Your yoga practice will lead you on a path to better health, mind, body and spirit. Our Yoga Style is based on the classical Yoga. The classical Yoga was first described as a systematic approach to Self-realization by Maharishi Patanjali about 200 B.C. His classical text, the “Yoga Sutras”, describes the nature of the mind and ways to control its restlessness.   (Hatha Yoga postures and the teachings of Yoga Sutras).

Warm Yoga will resume in Fall  – Increase the Fire Element within you – with HathaYogaFlow at  5.3opm Wednesdays. Read more…

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Winter time/Weather cancellations: Yoga classes are cancellation if Menominee Indian, Gresham or Shawano School District has a snow day. Please listen to the radio for school cancellations.

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Our Yoga Center's vision is to offer a space where anybody can find refuge of the mind-, body- and breath. Finding peace, calmness and contentment deep within.
Our mission is to create a yoga Center ...
....a sanctuary for anybody who want's to relax, recharge and renew.