Yoga Etiquette

Do’s & Don’t

-If you are new to the studio, please set up an account online before coming to the studio. We are happy to assist you with this if you have any trouble. You must reserve a space online one hour in advance to the start of class. If there are no reservations for a class one hour to the start time it will be cancelled for that day.  Please try to arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to your first class. This is  a great time to ask any questions and share with  your teacher of any concerns you may have.

-Please refrain from chewing gum in class. Be sure to bring water to keep yourself properly hydrated before and after class. The studio has bottled water for sale if you forget your own. Also, the movement practices at the studio work all the internal organs as well as the outer body muscles. It is best to have an empty or near empty stomach during your practice. Try to allow yourself 2-3hrs after a full meal before you practice.

-Warm Yoga: The center is heated for the warm yoga but you may want to wear layers of cloth specially for relaxation as your body cools off in savasana.  Please wear comfortable, light, non-restrictive clothes.

-Bring a towel, mat, and water when you practice warm yoga. For all other yoga classes no water is needed – unless due to health reasons.

-Arrive early.  Getting to class about 10 minutes early allows yourself some time to settle in and align your attitude with the purpose of class.

-Please leave your shoes in the lobby area|designated area.  Yoga is practiced barefoot. No shoes in the practice room.

-Turn off your cell phone.

-Do not wear strongly scented lotions or perfumes. Many people are sensitive or allergic to various fragrances and scents.

-Do – think of the studio as a special sacred place where you can take refuge. With that awareness in mind, please:

  • If you are socializing before class, be mindful of others who may be meditating or sitting quietly in the studio. Please keep your conversational volume on low and try not to talk to one another from across the room.
  • Organize your practice area with neatness and consideration of those around you. Put your props, water bottles and towels close to your mat.

-Please make room for everyone.

-Stay in the room.  Do your best to never leave the room during class.

-Do not leave during final Savasana (final relaxation).  This is the most important posture of class, where you receive all the benefit of your practice.

-If you do need to leave early, please inform the teacher. She or he will try to situate you closer to the door.

-Have fun.  Keep an open mind



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