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Comments from visitors who want to let you know how Yoga has helped them:

flower_TestimonialJust a note to let everyone know how Yoga has helped me.  I have been going to Yoga for almost a year now and last Sunday was a huge test for me.  We had a sledding party for our children and grandchildren.  Last year, I went down our hill once and quit.  This year I stayed out as long as the children and climbed the hill just as much as the kids.  I was able to get down to the sled with very little problem.  It was fun and I want to thank Silvia and her Yoga classes for getting my body into shape.  I didn’t do anything different except Yoga during the past year.

Pat Pawlak March 2013     

Just a quick note to thank you for your yoga classes.  I took one at the Shawano Middle School, and one in Bonduel swimming yoga class. I truly believe that they are helping me.  I have been noticing that it is easier for me to move around.  Like getting up from a sitting position and getting in and out of the car.  I am more aware of my posture and breathing.  The classes are relaxing also, which is a bonus to me.  I was  littleleary at first.  Thanks for all you work.  It is really worth it.  Thanks again

Mary M. Feb 2011

Water yoga completely relaxes me and makes me less stressed. I have been sleeping better and in general feel better.
Renee G. Feb 2011

I’ve been involved in yoga with Silvia for more than five years and know it has made a tremendous difference in my life.  Despite being quite active for a 60+ year old woman, I was losing flexibility, primarily because of arthritis, osteoporosis, and scar tissue from various surgeries.  Adding yoga to my exercise routine has enabled me to improve breathing, increase my flexibility and strength, and practice new methods of relaxation and meditation.  Silvia is an excellent teacher, with her greatest skill being her ability to adapt techniques to the needs of everyone in the class.  Because of this skill, we can easily combine beginners and advanced people in the same class.  I know that my active lifestyle would be limited and much more challenging if it weren’t for yoga.

Matty M. Feb 2011

I attended 8 Yoga sessions with Silvia Stoffer and although I have arthritis and back trouble, I felt invigorated after each session, with less stiffness.  I enjoyed the sessions and felt more relaxed and had better posture and flexibility with her training.  Silvia knows Yoga, and gives individual attention, even in group settings.  She allows her students the freedom to do less or more depending upon their abilities or limitations.  If anyone is interested in Yoga instruction,  you probably cannot find a better teacher in the area.

Dean Cherry

For two years, pain in my hip kept me from normal physical exercise. With restorative yoga I walk the dog, shop, drive and have resumed all my daily activities.

Stephanie Spence


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Stephanie S.:

For two years, pain in my hip kept me from normal physical exercise. With restorative yoga I walk the dog, shop, drive and have resumed all my daily activities.
Stephanie Spence May 2014


Barb U. :

Recently being diagnosed with breast cancer and having had several surgeries with more to come, my mind and body have been in a  tailspin. My daughter suggested yoga. Reluctantly, I enrolled in Silvia’s Beginner 101 class and am so glad I did. Yoga is helping me relax, stretch and feel so much better physically and mentally. My Saturday mornings are usually spent sleeping-in and lounging around the house. But this past Saturday I couldn’t wait to get to the morning Yoga class! Silvia is great and so very patient. Silvia, thank you!
Barb U. May 2014


Tom Albrecht:

In these “one on one” sessions Sylvia has worked with me on specific poses to help myshoulders and back. She shows you individually how to hold each pose for maximum effect.My yoga abilities and flexibility have advanced greatly due to Sylvia’s “one on one” sessions.    
Tom Albrecht


Darian M.:

Silvia’s yoga class has helped me to be more relaxed while getting stronger and more flexible. Her instruction is low key and to all levels. It helps to clam a busy mind. I highly recommend this class for anyone just starting to do yoga. I am looking forward to the next session. Thank  you Silvia     Darian M. January 2011.


Annette Lee:

I’ve enjoyed Silvia’s gentle and therapeutic approach to yoga. She is intuitive and caring and helps her students progress according to heir own abilities. She keeps the class interested and challenged by preparing different routines and changing the poses and the focus each week.     Annette Lee


Silvia,   Thank you, I feel I’ve found my nitch or should I say program, I love some YOGA, but I can’t stop coming to class, I love your personality, you truly are an inspiration. Now I just need to keep thinking my words now are stimulation and modification…….Thank you. Life is Good.      Vicky

Judy Quigly:

Yoga has added a whole new dimension to my life. It is something that has always intrigued me and I now know that I plan to be a lifelong student. Silvia is a wonderful kind and caring person and fine instructor. I would highly recommend her class to anyone.      Judy Quigly

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